You Bet! Prime time TV: The "bet" was to see how many footballs we could get in the net in 2 minutes, using a Skid Car to flick the balls.
Fully Booked Saturday morning children's programme: I took the presenter out and showed him how to drive my rally car, which I used in the RAC Rally.
Blind Date Prime time TV: Two contestants had a day with me in SEAT race cars at Silverstone Race circuit.
Red Handed Prime time TV: A boyfriend thought he was the better driver than his girlfriend, so first he drove round a course, then I swapped with his girlfriend to beat his time! He was not happy......
Value For Money This was to demonstrate 3 different Satellite Navigation Systems used in cars. Along with a Tornado pilot and a pizza delivery man, we drove 3 cars around London for a day and then the following day tried to get to Silverstone Race circuit.
Ready Steady Cook

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Barbara and fellow rally driver Andrea Hall appeared as guests on this popular cookery programme.

Radio work I get interviewed by BHP most months for the British Rally Championship, and I also do a lot of radio interviews for Radio 5 Live, Radio 4 and local radio stations.
Brian James This was a course by Brian James who professionally trains people for public speaking and TV presentations.
Jim Dunn A journalist and writer of many books. He taught me how to present myself in front of the television camera and how to get across what we really wanted to say when asked questions. Also how to deal with the camera in case of accidents in motorsport.
Motoring Magazine

I rode Steve Hislop's superbike around Silverstone, and raced Frankie Wyman Jr's F1 stock car around Coventry Stadium.

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