Welcome to the Porsche Cup section. This is now an archive for you to read all about Barbara's 2001 season.


She raced with PARR MOTORSPORT and joined the impressive line-up of Marino Franchitti, Kelvin Burt, Ed Horner and Matt Turner, who were also contesting the Privelige Insurance British GT Championship. Click here for more info and driver details.

The Porsche Cup is one of the most prestigious and best supported championships in British motorsport. Full grids of one of the world’s finest sportscars battle it out door-handle to door-handle on the racetrack. It will feature no less than 23 races this season, with double-header rounds at all but three of the 13-event PowerTour schedule. After a 15-minute sprint race on the afternoon of qualifying day, the feature race will run over 20 minutes in the early afternoon of the PowerTour Feature Raceday. The September race at Silverstone will mark the first night race in the history the Championship.

  • One-marque, 4 class championship for modern race-prepared Porsches in near standard trim
  • TV coverage, including Channel 4, forms part of extensive professional publicity that supports the series
  • Meetings at all major UK circuits
  • Significant corporate backing and professional organisation

The 4 classes can be recognised by a colour on the top right of the windscreen of each car: Class 1 - Yellow, Class 2 - Red, Class 3 - Silver, Class 4 - Black. The difference in classes are:

  • Class 1 - engine capacity 3600cc, minimum weight from 1150kg upwards, max power from 315 to 370bhp
  • Class 2 - engine capacity 2479cc to 5397cc, minimum weight from 1250kg upwards, max power from 260 to 350bhp
  • Class 3 - engine capacity 2479cc to 3164cc, minimum weight from 1140kg upwards, max power from 190 to 231bhp
  • Class 4 - engine capacity 2681cc to 2479cc, minimum weight from 1270kg upwards, max power from 163 to 165bhp

Trophies will be issued to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed driver in each class. In a double header weekend, trophies will be issued in the first race to 1st in each class and in the second race to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class.

Points are allocated as follows: 1st 20, 2nd 16, 3rd 13, 4th 11, 5th 10, 6th 9, 7th 8, 8th 7, 9th 6, 10th 5, 11th 4 12th 3, 13th 2, 14th 1

In addition points will be awarded to all competitors who practice and start the race as follows: Class Pole position = 1 point, Class Fastest lap = 1 point. Added to each individual competitor's place points will be a bonus equal to the number of starters in the Class, but not exceeding a maximum of 10, ie 10 starters or more 10 bonus points (per competitor), 9 starters 9 bonus points, 8 starters 8 bonus points etc.

A prize money fund of £12500 is divided up between the top six drivers (irrespective of class) at the end, with the Championship winnder pocketing £4500.


  • 30th SEPT - A FIFTH AND A FOURTH FOR BARBARA - The final round of the Porsche Cup saw Barbara narrowly miss out on a podium place at Silverstone. Results HERE, race reports coming soon.

  • 20th SEPT - PORSCHE PULLS THE PLUG - Porsche will no longer run a works-supported car in the Privelige Insurance British GT Championship. More....

  • 20th SEPT - PORSCHE CUP RACERS JOIN THE TOCA PARTY - The Michelin Porsche Cup has been confirmed as one of the principal support series for the TOCA Tour package in 2002 and 2003. More...

  • PORSCHE CUP 16th SEPTEMBER - Barbara qualifies 7th and finishes 8th in the Sprint Race, and 4th in today's Feature Race. Click HERE for results timesheets. Race reports and images coming soon.