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Barbara is available for personal instruction either on the track or the rally circuit.

Barbara's professional rally driving career started back in 1990 when she landed her first instructor job with First Time Racing, a company that specialised in locating future talent throught a comprehensive driver scholarship. From those early days Barbara has not only built an accomplished driving career but has also amassed an enviable reputation as one of the UK's leading competition driving instructors.

Now you can join Barbara and experience the exhilaration of motorsport first hand, your driving experience can range from saloon race cars, loose surface rally cars, or from a range of specialist vehicles such as 4x4 and skid cars.

Click HERE to read a 2002 Autocar article on Barbara's instructing.


Silverstone Drive

Teaching the public to drive rally cars.
PRO-DRIVERS Working for PRO-DRIVERS, circuit work around Britain for Audi and Vauxhall.


SEAT Cupra Sport

In a Group 'A' Rally Car, 75 people per day for 4 days at a time around circuits in Britain.

Manufacturer driver in the British Rally Championship, driving an Ibiza F2 kit car.


SEAT Cupra Sport

Drove a SEAT Cupra Sport, manufacturer driver in the British Rally Championships, driving an Ibiza F2 kit car.


Heather McAlpine

I was chosen by Heather McAlpine to join herself and Amanda Runacles, Frankie Duncan and Suzie Hart to travel circuits in England and Northern Ireland driving the SEAT Ibiza 16v on track days and intimidating all the men!
SEAT Cupra Sport Drove a Group A SEAT Ibiza in the Trackrod rally, the SEAT Lurgan Park rally, and the RAC rally.


Audi Event Support

Circuit work for Audi in Britain.


Rally Drive

Teaching pupils on tarmac and gravel, Golf 16v and Sierra Cosworth.


Sales Link

Circuit work for manufacturers in Britain.
Ian Taylor Motor Racing School Circuit work for manufacturers in Britain - BMW, Rover, Peugeot and Volkswagen.


Silverstone Driving Centre

Teaching pupils on gravel and racetrack, advanced and corporate. Off-road/Discoveries, Peugeot 309/306.


First Time Racing

Teaching pupils both on gravel and tarmac, Golf 16v.