Date of birth 5th January 1966
Rally debut 1984
Most pleasing result 4th - 1998 Silverstone Rally Sprint
Greatest Achievement (to date) Becoming a works SEAT driver and winning the British Ladies Rally title
Greatest help in career Gary Savage, Head of SEAT Cupra Sport
Licences Held

International Rally (can compete worldwide)
Race International C
Class 1 HGV
Grade A Oval Racing

Qualifications Academically qualified in garden and interior design
Guest Speaking Formally trained and naturally confident, Barbara's bubbly personality captivates every audience. Her competition experiences are very entertaining, but combine them with her unique female perspective of "a woman playing in a man's world" and you have a totally enthralling mixture that fascinates everyone.
Test Driving Over the years Barbara's automotive knowledge has been fine-tuned to match the sophistication of the cars she drives. This experience can be utilised by manufacturers, private teams, or for independent media assessment.
Hobbies Jet-skiing, horse riding, cooking, gliding
Favourite food Pickled eggs
Thirst-quencher Australian red wine
Favourite colour Bengal yellow
Couch potato Emmerdale
Big screen fave Ghost
Disco delight REM, The Verve, M-People
Kickback & relax Down the local pub with the girls
Favourite holiday location Mauritius
Top gym exercise Step machine
When not in rally overall Scruffy sweatshirts
Favourite restaurant Lagan's in London
Ambition To win a round of the British and World Rally Championships